A new formulation of gelatin-based bio-ink (Gel4Cell®) is available for 3-D printing of tissue structures

  • Cell compatible material
  • High printability and uniformity
  • UV-crosslinkable for structural stability

  • Catalog # Product Name Price (USD) Data Sheet MSDS
    BIS-101 Gel4Cell® (kit), 10 mL base $175

      Gel4Cell® provides proper printability as follows.
    • Viscosity
    • Rheological properties (e.g. shear-thinning)
    • Printing resolution
    • Uniformity

      A variety of concentrations of each component was tested to achieve proper printing resolution and dispensing uniformity.
    Cell Viability

    To determine the cell viability during the printing process, survival of 3T3 fibroblasts in the 3-D bioprinted structures was examined. Live/dead cell assays showed ≥ 90% cell survival on day 0, which was maintained through days 4 and 7. Data indicate that the Gel4Cell® maintained the cell viability during the printing process and provided a proper microenvironment for cell proliferation.

      Printing condition
    • Cell source: 3T3 cells (1x106 cells/ml)
    • Scan speed : 120 mm/min
    • Nozzle size: 300 µm Teflon nozzle
    Structural Stability

    The bioprinted constructs made by Gel4Cell® maintained their structure with time. To evaluate structural stability of the Gel4Cell® in culture condition, dimension of the printed constructs were analyzed. Approx. 70% of dimension change was observed at 21 days after printing.