About Bioink solutions, inc.

  • The development of a fully functioning artificial organ for patients in need of organ transplantation will be a life-saving news. Recent developments in this field, regenerative medicine, have created artificial organs, consisting of three-dimensional combinations of cells, biocompatible materials, and shaped supports in the lab, with the rudimentary function. I think that the artificial organs made by the 3D bio-printers in the surgery room in the future can be transplanted directly to the patients.

  • In order to realize this life-saving news soon, Bioink Solution, Inc. will develop stable and standardized optimal bioinks. Currently, we have developed gelatin-based Gel4Cell, collagen-containing T-Gel, and various biocompatible polymer inks, and will develop bioinks for all artificial organ development in the human body. Please pay attention to the new bioinks of Bioink Solution, Inc. and hope for many uses.

  • Jang Soo Suh, MD, PhD
    CEO of Bioink Solution, Inc.