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Russian scientists have figured out how to 3D print working thyroid glands for mice

15-11-18 05:45

By RickStella  

The budding industry of 3D bioprinting took a massive leap forward last week after a Russian bioprinting company announced a series of successful tests on a 3D-printed mouse thyroid. Speaking at the Biofabrication 2015 conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, 3D Bioprinting Solutions head of research Vladimir Mironov officially presented the highly anticipated results, shedding light on the company’s production process.

During Mironov’s presentation, he revealed that the company’s 3D-printed organ was able to restore thyroid function in mice with hypothyroidism — a condition in which the animal’s thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. Though the test subject was merely a mouse, the structure of the implanted organ accurately corresponded to the normal formation of a typical mouse thyroid. This revolutionary feat puts 3D Bioprinting Solutions at the forefront of bioprinting technology, despite its relatively short tenure as a company.

Using the Russian bioprinter FABION, the organization constructed the mouse organ last March (video posted above), with several scientific laboratories keeping a keen on the research in the event of its success. As reported by Russia Beyond the Headlinessuccessful testing may push those labs to begin manufacturing actual human thyroid glands.

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